About Me

Hey there! I’m Joyce!

I’m a wife and mom living in New York City with my husband and son. Growing up, I’d always thought of myself as a walking contradiction: socially introverted, comfortably awkward, complicated yet simple. This has continued into adulthood: I’m a sentimental hoarder who longs to be more minimalist, a chill mom who often worries obsessively, and a spontaneous planner.

I talk a lot when I’m nervous, or when I’m excited. I love family nap time, almost anything from the 90s, finding new dessert spots in NYC, reading, and browsing the make up at Sephora.

I started this to share my chronicles of momhood, as well as musings, ramblings, and a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years in hopes that maybe what I have to say will relate to you, or at the very least, brighten your day! Thanks for coming!